The Future of Education Starts Here

How do you teach a child to think creatively? Can an informative class become a transformative experience? Can we help good teachers become great? How do we create an education system that inspires our children to love learning and prepares them to compete globally?

These are the kinds of questions that challenge public education today—and we believe the answers can be found right here in Charlottesville-Albemarle. As a community of outstanding educators, active parents, and engaged public and private sector leaders, we can offer our kids the best public education in the world, while innovating for the future.

The goals of the Public Education Foundation are to systemically impact teaching and learning in both school divisions, and to make possible opportunities that the existing financial resources would not permit.

A successful PEF:

  • Ensures the economic vitality of the community.
  • Supports the superintendents’ strategic visions.
  • Makes prudent research & development investments in teaching and learning.
  • Builds on the competitive advantages of the school divisions and ensures all children have access to the highest quality education.
  • Creates a vital private and philanthropic support system for the school divisions.