Innovation Fund

An Education Incubator
The PEF Innovation Institute will encourage, develop and showcase the work of teachers who are interested in using leading edge techniques and technology to improve instructional practices and reimagine teaching and learning. The Institute will provide collaborative environments where teachers, school counselors and administrators can partner with the public and private sector through education incubators and externships to research and develop new teaching concepts, curricula and tools to:

  • improve and invigorate teaching and learning, develop new models of instruction, and explore the role of technology in transforming instruction
  • foster systemic change, beyond a single classroom, school or district
  • learn how organizations and businesses develop and disseminate innovative practices and replicate beneficial techniques and structures in Charlottesville and Albemarle schools
  • prepare students for a world economy and workforce

The Innovation Institute will be the only organization of its kind in Virginia to directly benefit two school districts. It is our goal to advance education research beyond college labs and private institutes into the real-world environment of the public schools.