The Vision Fund

The PEF Vision Fund supports the mission and administration of the Public Education Foundation of Charlottesville-Albemarle and the initial funding for an endowment to support innovative programs to benefit public school teachers and students.

Our goal for the Vision Fund is $250,000 and this initial funding will support the transformation of PEF into a high impact foundation. These donations will fund:
• Establishment of an Endowment to Support the PEF Mission, Services and Programs
• Support for Executive Director and Operations

The Future of Education Starts Here

By giving to the Vision Fund, you are participating in the transformation of the Public Education Foundation and will help leverage our community resources to make significant changes in the way our students prepare for the future.

Our Vision for the Future

PEF is evolving into a high-impact foundation, committed to building programs that will transform education in our community and provide a model for school systems across the nation.

PEF is a unique collaboration between the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County School systems that administers four committee-advised funds:

  • A dedicated fund in support of initiatives for the City of Charlottesville Schools
  • A dedicated fund in support of initiatives for the County of Albemarle schools
  • The Innovation Fund supporting joint initiatives with system-wide impact, including the Innovation Institute
  • The Vision Fund supporting the other funds as well as the PEF mission and operations

The goals of the Public Education Foundation are to systemically impact teaching and learning in both school divisions, and to make possible opportunities that existing financial resources do not permit.

A Successful PEF:

  • Ensures the economic vitality of the community.
  • Supports the superintendents’ strategic visions.
  • Makes prudent research & development investments in teaching and learning.
  • Builds on the competitive advantages of the school divisions and ensures all children have access to the highest quality education.
  • Creates a vital private and philanthropic support system for our public schools.